From the mighty Himalayas to Gangetic plane greenery, from serene beaches to mangrove estuaries – West Bengal is a land of much natural splendour. In addition to its beauty and appeal, the beautiful heritage architecture, vibrant folk festivals, exquisite arts and crafts, traditional and contemporary music, theatre, films and delicious ethnic specialities make West Bengal a truly brilliant experience offering unparalleled diversity.

West Bengal Tourism has a fantastic range of destinations and experiences within a single state. The cool northern hills are home not only to  hill stations like bustling Darjeeling and more laid-back Kalimpong but also to fantastic views of vast Kanchenjunga, rolling green tea fields, some excellent hiking and the huffing and puffing Toy Trains. In the tropical southern regions, the Sundarbans’ wildlife-rich, mangrove-lined waterways watch for attention with Bishnupur’s ornate Hindu terracotta temples and Shantiniketan’s cultured, arty vibes.

Capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is a cultural potpourri, filled with museums, art galleries, temples and buildings of the colonial era. Kolkata Tourism is a mixture of Old colonia culture and modern era. Recognizable from a distance by its Angel of Victory, which sits on top of the structure and waves with the wind, it consists of 25 galleries containing a magnificent array of Queen-owned paintings, artifacts, textiles, coins and belongings. The Bow Barracks, Calcutta High Court and St. Paul’s Cathedral are other buildings that remind you of the British presence. Those with a scientific interest should head to Birla Industrial & Technological Museum and Science City. It is best to spend a day of fun and entertainment at Nicco Park, Eco Park and Aquatica, where water slides, swings, rain disco and other attractions make up your day.

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

In the northern part of the state, Dooars appears as a well written poetry by nature, with its tea gardens and wide open plains. In Darjeeling Tourism, you find out why it is called the “queen of the hills,” and as you go further up, a world that symbolizes purity opens up before your eyes. A family holiday is as enticing as a gateway to honeymoon, as there are enough places to cater for both. What’s sure is that visiting West Bengal gives you a rich travel experience.

View of Kanchenjunga from Darjeeling

In West Bengal there are coastal areas that are blessed with beautiful beaches, which make a great family outing. Of these the most common is Digha. This beach stretches for up to 7 km and the presence among casuarina plantations along the bay enhances its beauty. You can buy some freshly caught fish from the fishermen’s stalls, if you choose to. Digha also offers a variety of water sports events, two of which are parasailing, and water zorbing. Other popular beaches which cannot be misses are Mandarmani, Tajpur and Shankarpur.


Visitors at the several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in West Bengal await an exciting travel experience. All these are in the area known as Dooars. The most famous of these is the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary where one-horned rhinoceros are found. The Bengal Florican, one of India’s least-sighted birds, is a special attraction here. The park’s topography is characterized by grasslands, banks of rivers, tall grasses covering large areas and streams that flow throughout the year. Gorumara National Park is also renowned for its extensive fauna and flora collection. It is renowned for Asian elephants, peacocks and bisons, situated about 80 km from Jaldapara. It is possible to track wildlife in the park from the various watchtowers within the park. The Jatraprasad Watch Tower, Rhino Observation Point, and Chandrachur Watch Tower are some of those.


West Bengal is as much a historical destination as a cultural one, and you can experience its fascinating history in several towns. The diverse systems that surround these cities and towns trace their origins to the medieval and colonial period. One such is Murshidabad, a town renowned for its silk and opulence. Historically interesting places such as Hazarduari Palace, Nasipur Palace, Nizamat Imambara, Jahankosha Cannon, and Khosh Bagh have several.

If you’re an art lover, Bishnupur is a spot not to be missed. It is renowned for its terracotta work, many of which depict the Ramayana and Mahabharata scenes. The places of tourist interest here are the Temple of Jorebangla, the Temple of Madan Mohan and Dalmadal Cannon, which was built by the kings of Malla to fight various invasions.


Your West Bengal cultural tour is incomplete without a visit to Cooch Behar in North Bengal. Cooch Behar Palace, Madan Mohan Bari, Kamteswari Temple, Baneshwar Shiva Temple, and Madhupur Dham Temple are among the most popular attractions.

Cooch Beher
Cooch Beher Palace

Sundarban National Park offers an amazing tour which includes seeing worlds’ largest delta and mangrove forest. Sundarban is also the homeland of that famous big cat the Royal Bengal Tiger, and other fauna.

Royal Bengal Tiger, view from Sundarban Safari

Travel and tourism in West Bengal will take you too many different places, each of which is more beautiful and interesting than the first, so make sure you’ve prepared properly and have enough time to cover all of the state’s major destinations.